Make more money as a personal shopper delivering purchases.

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Pickup in the Store, deliver to the shopper.

Collect the product from the store and deliver the product to shoppers. Use maps to reach the destination faster.

Manage your Earnings.

Your credit balance is always updated for every order delivery. You can add money or use deyaPay payment options to use your credits.

Keep Tracking your orders.

Hassle free management of your orders, accept the orders whenever you want. You can manage all your orders at the same place.

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Personal Shopper

Become a shopper

A new and efficient retail commerce platform and ecosystem to bring stores, shoppers and personal shoppers together in a geographically specific, simple buying/selling experience.
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Attract shoppers to your stores

Partner with Samyata Store TM for a new way to make money, reach new customers and deliver products to your customers.
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Personal Shopper
Personal Shopper

Create your wallet

Create your deyaPay TM account now, send and receive money in a much more easy and integrated manner. A simple user interface, hassle free transactions. Built in integrated into all of the deyaPay TM products.
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Download the Samyata Personal Shopper TM App, Earn Money With a Tap.

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