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Being a successful Personal Shopping Entrepreneur

  • Work my way up from a "Rookie" to an "Allstar". I don't pay any monthly fees.
  • Three ways to generate business
    • I promote my business and get repeat clients - Samyata gives me all the resources to do this successfully
    • Samyata routes local orders from buyers near me who match my rate
    • Buyers can select me as their personal shopper when placing orders through Samyata
Personal Shopper
Personal Shopper
  • I set my rate and work with clients willing to pay what I want
  • I can choose my clients and Samyata can refer them to me as well
  • Set my own schedule
  • Specialize in what I shop for or keep it general
  • More than just groceries - I can choose what I like shopping for - fashion, hardware, clothing, household items, cosmetics, furniture,...Anything!
  • Communicate with my buyer and choose where I buy.
  • Manage my earnings in my convenient deyaPay wallet. I am paid into my deyaPay wallet as soon as I complete a personal shopping task and deliver to the buyer.
  • I can even create my own store with curated inventory. My clients can buy from my store and I will deliver to them.

How I work as a personal shopper

Personal Shopper
Personal Shopper

I get everything I need

As a Personal Shopping Entrepreneur
  • My own personal shopping app - Samyata Personal Shopper
  • An awesome shopping app for my clients - Samyata - they can buy online, buy anywhere for delivery, create shopping lists, wish lists, and many other incredible features.
  • A complete and constantly updated marketing and sales kit to help me market my personal shopping business
  • A training, mentorship, and analysis program to keep me at my peak performance
  • A full-featured money management app in deyaPay to manage my earnings
  • I can even create my own store with a complete inventory, order, and Point Of Sale management solution - Samyata Store App or Website


Explore the Samyata Ecosystem

Gananam Store
For Store Owners
  • Set my store up for curbside or pickup in-store and delivery
  • Delivery service at no cost to my store
  • Sell from my store - not a fulfillment center - to local customers

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For Shoppers
  • Buy online, pickup or have a personal shopper deliver
  • Buy in any app or website and have it delivered
  • Buy ethically, from local stores and create jobs

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For Everyone
  • Pay for it your way with deyaPayTM in Bodaty apps and webapps
  • Immediate access to Samyata Personal Shopper earnings. Send to your bank any time you want

Download the Samyata Personal Shopper TM App, Earn Money With a Tap.

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